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Issue on IE browser when previewing more then 1 page


When I am previewing any document using IE browser.

If document contain more then 1 pages. its showing only first page in each pages of GroupDocs.

Please give me solution.

Also I have attached screenshot of this issue.


Hello Sumit,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please share with us the code of the Viewer widget that you use, version of the Viewer and version of the IE browser.

Also does this issue happens if you use another browser, for example Google Chrome?

Thank you.



Thanks for reply.

we are using GroupDocs version 1.8.0. and this issue showing only IE browser in all latest version like 9,10 and 11



Thank you for coming back with the example. You use a very old version of the Viewer library, please update your project with the latest one . Could be that the issue is already resolved in it.

Please notify use with the results

Thank you.