Issue Regarding Groupdoc Editor

Hi Team,

We are using Groupdocs Editor for converting any document to html and I am itegrating it with Spring boot project in STS but it is no working.
Can anyone suggest me that
1-> Is Groupdocs not compatible with STS ?
2 -> Can we send a converted html file as response from Spring controller ?
3 -> can anyone sned me the Java code corresponding to my requirement ?

Please help me asap so that we can use it my project i am stuck in my work


Can you please share the issue that you are facing?

Yes, it is.

Please download and explore this example project. You can convert DOCX to HTML and then get embedded html using below code.

InputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream("D:/Data/Storage/source.docx");
InputHtmlDocument htmlDoc = EditorHandler.toHtml(inputStream);
// Obtain HTML document content
String cssContent = htmlDoc.getEmbeddedHtml();

Later you can utilize cssContent as per your requirements.