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Issue viewing word document


Hello. I am getting an issue when I try to view a word document using the WINDOWS .NET viewer control. This is not a web application. It is a desktop application.

The word document only displays partially correctly. In many areas, instead of the text, it says "Error! Reference Source Not Found"

Has anyone seen this and if so, how can it be corrected?



Hello Tom,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. To be able to reproduce this issue we will need next:
1. Document that you tried to view
2. Code example of the Viewer that you use.
3. .NET FrameWork version

Thank you.


Hello. Thanks for the reply. Here is a document that has those errors in it when the viewer attempts to show it.



Thank you for the document example. We have checked it and looks like your file is corrupted here is a screenshot of how it viewed in the MS Office on our side. Looks like you have attached the image from the network and the image is not available.

Please double check the document again and try to view another document.

Best regards.


Hello again,

In addition to the previous post - we have reproduced your issue. Our product team will investigate it and resolve.

When it will be fixed we will notify you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


understood…so at this time, you do not need anything from me?



Thank you for understanding. Yes, we have enough information about the issue. If we will need extra information we will contact you here.

Also we will keep you updated when we will have any news for you.

Best regards.