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Issue with Annotations Text Replace tool when used within Bullet or Number List

We have discovered an issue with the Annotations Text Replace tool when used with bullet or number lists. When replacing text within a bullet or number list and then exporting the results to MS Word with track changes on, the tool inserts/appends random characters into the bullet or number list in MS Word. Because of this issue, we are not able to use the Text Replace tool and are only using the Comment tool, which significantly limits functionality that our users expect when collaborating on a document. This issue was also logged in forum thread 5605.

Attached is an example of the types if bullet and number lists that cause the random characters to be inserted when using the Text Replace tool and exporting to MS Word.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hello Justin,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. We have reproduced it and created a bug ticket. Our product team will investigate and fix it. When the issue will be resolved you will be notified here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Pavel,

Can you confirm if this is fixed in the latest release in Annotation 1.9?



Hi Leo,

Thank you for the question. Unfortunately this issue doesn’t resolved yet. But our Product team added this ticket with high priority for the next version.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Team,

Can you give the customer an update on this issue please.

Many thanks


Hi Leo,

Thank you for your patience. The issue is resolved in the next generation Annotation library. Please investigate the migration documentation here. Also we will prepare an example for such use case soon.

Best regards.

Hi Pavel,

I was looking into the documentation and was particularly interested on the steps on how to migrate our existing version to the new version. Based on my understanding, the document link seems to be discussing how to export an annotated document.

I am particularly interested on what does it means to us if we upgrade to 3,0 version. Are there any formatting changes that we should be aware of when we migrate existing documents under collaboration?

It used to be that there is a filesession.json that manages the annotation session. Has this changed?
If there are any changes, what should we do to make this migration possible?

There is also a user and annotation information that we persisted in the DB. Will there be any updates to the schema that should affect our existing production deployment?

These are among the questions I need to be answered for my evaluation. I you have an overall document that will help me understand the changes please let me know.

Also, we use ASP.NET web forms which relies heavily on the handlers and modules configured. Are we able to use our existing configuration? Or those handlers from 2.x versions are already deprecated.

Thank you.



Hi Leo,

Thank you for putting up your concerns.

In fact, the new version is completely different from the previous version in terms of the architecture as explained here:

Unfortunately, it will not be straight forward to upgrade to the versions starting 3.x series of versions because front end scripts are not part of the API. However, front end scripts have been open sourced in the form of an ASP.NET MVC example:

Because of the above changes, we understand that it will be quite difficult to upgrade but there are other flexibility advantages of this approach. For example, the scripts can be modified as per needs and document processing API can be used in multiple development environments as per needs. Please give it a try and let us know your feedback.

Many Thanks