Issue with conversion .pdf to .html. - problem MS Edge



I’d like to report an issue with conversion .pdf to .html. Problem occurs in Microsoft Edge (Example documents are attached).

I am trying to get „fixed width” document as a result.

When I examined the resulting source code I realized that you are setting override style which overrides the width.

Problematic css rule: @supports(-ms-ime-align:auto) { .stl_02 { width: auto; overflow: hidden;}}

Can you please advise me?

Kind regards (822.7 KB)
source.pdf (1.5 MB)



Thank you for your inquiry.

In order to investigate this issue at our end, we need following details:

  • Can you please tell for which platform (.NET or Java) you are evaluating the API?
  • API version (i.e. 18.7, 18.8).


It is for .NET, API ver 18.10.



We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-2836 . As we have any update on it, we shall notify you.