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Issue with forms non-existent on WordPress

I’m consistently having issues with my forms appearing on my Wordpress site. I’m using the GroupDocs plugin, and without warning, a form will throw an error “This form does not exist,” or an unknown error and the form doesn’t load. And none of the links to “get in touch” work when this happens. However, if I repaste the form ID number (the exact one that’s already listed in the shortcode on teh page), the form loads.

I can’t rely on this as a solid solution to signing forms on my site. What can I do to resolve this issue so we can have the form present consistently?

Hello Bishop,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. We investigated the issue. We have good news for you, we fixed this issue and released new version of GroupDocs Signature plugin.

Please download new version here -

Please check if it works well for you and if you will have some issue please come back to us.