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Issues in converted documents


I’ve found few issues in converted documents. Please find the original and converted files in the attachment:

4 Files.zip (1.2 MB)


  1. Title: 100 Pages.docx
    Issue: Pages merged and collapsed after conversion
  2. Title: C_Chinese.pdf
    Issue: native file has 4 pages and converted only 3
  3. Title: sample2_html.html
    Issue: native file has icon content which is not available in converted file
  4. Title: akqu9-k26om.dcx
    Issue: document content search is not working

API version: GroupDocs.Conversion 22.7.0
OS: Windows 10
Expected output file format: PDF

Sample code:

vdr.docproc.poc-main.zip (1.5 MB)

Thanks in advance,

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Are you evaluating the API without license (e.g. temporary license)? Please note that there are trial limitations.
With the API license, we could successfully convert the use-case 1, 2.

We could not load the image inside the HTML at our end. Have a look at this screenshot.png (23.3 KB).

DCX to PDF conversion is not supported. We are getting following exception:
Unhandled Exception: GroupDocs.Conversion.Exceptions.ConversionNotSupportedException: Conversion from to pdf is not supported.
Please avail the temporary license using these guidelines.