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IT is possible to get a solution on VS2015

Hello guys, I’m really struggling to be able to set up a running demo using any of you examples.

You are trying to sell a product that is not exactly cheap and whenever I try to set up a project or use any of the ones you can download that show what your library is capable of I found problems and more problems, so I can’t show to my boss how are needs can be fulfilled.

The examples the user can download or install use VS2012 or 2013 as maximum, with version of the dll that expose namespaces that does not exist anymore on the new versions as Groupdocs.Web.UI

I think your product can really suit our needs but it is really annoying to have all this conflicts all the time. I work on a company that uses VS2015 and Framework 4.5, so could please be possible to get a zip of the GroupDocsViewerMVCDemo project with the latest dll and on a VS2015 project.

It will really help me and future possible clients of your libray.


Hi misterdyc,

We apologize for inconvenience.

Please mention the problems in details that are blocking you to use GroupDocs.Viewer API in your project. Also, please mention the version of the API you are trying to use. We will surely help you to resolve each of your problems.

I am also listing down the links of latest API (version 3.4.0), demo applications and other resources.

Please try and share your feedback. We shall be waiting for your response.

Best Regards

Hello Usman, thanks for your quick answer.

I have download again all the files, dlls…
I have updated all the missing packages… that honestly could be included into the solution as you do now with Antlr and WebGrease and then the user will only have to compile, but that is all right.
I have added a reference to GroupDocs.Viewer 3.4.0

I’m still getting compilation error on this chunk of code on the ViewController.cs

SerializationOptions serializationOptions = new SerializationOptions
UsePdf = request.UsePdf,
SupportListOfBookmarks = request.SupportListOfBookmarks,
SupportListOfContentControls = request.SupportListOfContentControls
var documentInfoJson = new DocumentInfoJsonSerializer(docInfo, serializationOptions).Serialize();

SerializationOptions and DocumentInfoJsonSerializer from which package are they coming because I can’t find how to pass from here.

Looking forward your answer, we are very close.

Thanks a lot.

Hi This is Arjun, I am also trying to implement working demo from few days and getting same kind of issue, tried many example given on your site. The very first thing is demo application and the MSI or DLL version does not match properly and also for same example has many links that take you to to different repository area and has all different different versions.

I am also waiting for reply or solution on this forum thread


Hi misterdyc,

We apologize for inconvenience.

It looks like some of the files in the project are in “excluded” state. Please check whether all the files in Helpers folder are included in the project or not. If not, include them and rebuild the project. I have also attached a screenshot for your. I hope it will help you to resolve your issue.

We shall be waiting for your feedback.

Warm Regards

Perfect now, the files were excluded as you said.

arjunsinghpowersoft I have a solution created with all the packages needed installed so if you give me an email I can send you a zip file with an MVC solution working on VS2012.

Thanks Usman for your solution, but I still think that your examples files can still be hugely improved.

Anyway I really appreciate your help because finally I have a working example of the viewer working.

Hi misterdyc,

Its good to know that your issues are resolved. We will surely make some necessary improvements in our sample applications. Thanks for your cooperation.

Warm Regards