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Java 3.0 is not releasing the resource


I have attached sample code. In the end, i am trying to delete the source file, but i get a “file in use by another process”. This was not an issue in the older code. Once the java exits, then i can go in and manually delete the file. It appears that the conversionhandler is not closing/releasing the file resource. Please let me know if i am missing any settings.


Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for sharing the sample code.
This was not an issue in the older code.
Can you please elaborate this, are you talking about older version of the API or the code you shared in some other post ?
Can you please share that code file as well in this thread?
We shall appreciate your response.

Many Thanks


is there any news on this issue? Yes - the older 1.3 version did not have this issue. You can use the same code provided (but make the slight modifications to work with the older jar.)

This is critical for us in order to move ahead.

Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for your patience.

We are able to reproduce this issue at our end as well. We have logged this issue in our internal issue tracking system with the ID :CONVERSIONJAVA-167. As we get any update from the concerned team, we will notify you. Please stay tuned.

Best Wishes.

Hi Guys,

Any update on this one?

Hi there,

We haven’t got any update from the product team yet. Once we get any update we shall notify you in the same thread.

Please stay tuned.

Best Wishes