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Javascript error when using spesific configuration



I’m encountering an error. I’m using viewer 2.19.0. I’m using these properties;

FileName = “eBA Workday Calculator.docx”;

FilePath = @“C:\OfficeWatcherTest\Capture Yapılacak.docx”;

BackgroundColor = “#444444”;

PreloadPagesCount = 1;

LoadPagesOnBrowserSide = false;

ConvertWordDocumentsCompletely = false;

DownloadPdfFileIfPossible = false;

EmbedImagesIntoHtmlForWordFiles = false;

ExpireDate = DateTime.Now.AddHours(2);

Locale = ViewerService.Locale.Turkish;

ShowDownloadButton = false;

ShowHeader = true;

ShowPaging = true;

ShowPrintButton = false;

ShowSearchBar = true;

ShowThumbnails = true;

ShowViewerStyleControlButton = false;

ShowZoomButton = true;

SupportPageRotation = false;

SupportTextSelection = true;

UseHtmlBasedEngine = false;

UseHtmlThumbnails = true;

UsePngImagesForHtmlBasedEngine = false;

ZoomMode = ViewerService.ZoomMode.FitToWidth;

UseWatermark = false;

WatermarkColor = “#FF0000”;

WatermarkOpacity = 50;

WatermarkPosition = ViewerService.WatermarkPosition.Diagonal;

WatermarkText = “test watermark”;

WatermarkWidthInPercentage = 50;

PrintWithWatermark = true;

When i use parameters like this i’m getting error(1.png). But if i set UseHtmlBasedEngine=true, error not occured.

For some scenarios i have to use htmlbasedengine=false. What do you think why this error is occurs?

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We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. First of all please try to set ConvertWordDocumentsCompletely = true;

If this will not help you please share with me example of the document and full source code of the web page.

Also we have released a next generation Viewer library . Please investigate the documentation for it here and if possible migrate on it.

If you will have any questions or issues with the new Viewer - please make a new forum request and mark it with 3.0 version in the subject.

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Sorry for late response, I tried to set ConvertWordDocumentsCompletely = true, but it didn’t work either.

I created a sample with same error. You can control it. You can download it from here( I removed GroupDocs.Viewer.dll because its almost 50 mb, but i’m using 2.19.0.

We’ll migrate our viewer to 3.0 but it’ll takes a little time.

Thank you for your help.

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Thank you for the example project. I have checked it and after changing from .UseHtmlBasedEngine(false, false, true, false) to .UseHtmlBasedEngine(false, false, false, false) the document rendered well with out any errors. In case of using Image based rendering mode you can’t use HTML rendering mode for the thumbnails.

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In our scenario all parameters are sent with request and I wasn’t control incoming parameters, because I thought you are checking them in viewer api. From now I’ll control them.

Thank you for your help.

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If I understand you correctly the issue is resolved now?

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Yes, it works now



Glad to hear that.

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