JPG - the GPS related data is removed after we try to remove the metadata of the JPG file


When we try to remove the GPS data of a JPG file, I notice the following modifications were made:

Fields where data was modified:
GPSAltitudeRef - modified to include the word “reference”.
GPSTimeStamp - data has been modified.
GPSLongtitudeRef - data has been removed.

Fields removed:
GPSLongtitude - field has been removed entirely.
GPSLatitude - field has been removed entirely.

Fields untouched:

They should be all removed. I attached the JPG file and the properties before and after removing metadata.
before.PNG (44.4 KB)
after.PNG (35.4 KB)
IMG_20170512_160233.jpg (1.0 MB)



Apologies for the inconvenience. We have logged this issue in our internal tracking system and will let you know after further investigation.



Kindly provide us with the sample code that you are using to remove the GPS data and that is causing the above mentioned modifications. Moreover Can you please provide us with source JPEG file and the output file you are getting after removing the data?


Here is the code:

exifInfo = ((IExif)format).ExifValues;

The images are already attached in the previous post.


Thank you for providing the code.We’ll get back to you in case of further updates.



The issue you have found earlier (filed as METADATANET-1935) has been fixed in this update.