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Large document viewing

I am doing initial research for my company and we are needing a HTML5 viewer that we can integrate into our website. I was looking at your viewer and I am needing to know if you all can support a 500+ page document? How fast is the rendering of this type of document? Do you all offer keyword search? How long does the keyword search take on a 500+ page document?
Thank you Tracy

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer API.

Yes, you can render the document containing 500+ pages with GroupDocs.Viewer API. However, the document rendering time depends upon multiple factors i-e text, images, tables, graphics etc. and therefore this time can vary for every document. Hence, multiple documents with same number of pages may take different time to get rendered.

Secondly, the search feature is not provided by the back-end GroupDocs.Viewer API. However, it is implemented in our open source document viewer applications.

Currently the API is available as GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET, GroupDocs.Viewer for Java and GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud. Can you please tell us the most suitable API for you? This will help us to provide you some more detailed information about the API.

We shall be waiting for your feedback. Have a nice weekend ahead.

Warm Regards

Thank you for the information. I am just the researcher on this project for my VP. I do not know yet how we will be implementing.

The other question he would like to know to determine if your product could be one that we would like to look at further is do you all support native rendering of Microsoft Office products? And if so, do we need to stand up a MSO server?

Thank you, Tracy

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your response,

Yes, native document rendering is supported by GroupDocs.Viewer API. In this case, stream returned by GetFile() or GetPdfFile() method must be included/written in the header of HttpContext’s response. After the client app receives this response, it depends on the browser whether it supports to display that file format or not.

In case, the browser does not support all the office format, the file will be downloaded automatically. For this, you will have to maintain your MSO Server. To read more about supported formats, please visit Supported Formats.
In case of any confusion, feel free to contact us.

Warm Regards