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Large files VERY slow to render



Rendering large files is extremely slow. What are your recommendations on improving performance? We are using the newest .net control with a WinForms project.

Thank you,
Douglas Hileman



The document rendering time depends on multiple factors such as the number of pages, document’s content which can include text, images, tables; the amount of resources that application can use and so on. Furthermore, document size also affects the rendering time and the bigger document may take more time to be rendered.

To increase the performance and reduce the document rendering time the API provides cache feature. When the API’s cache is enabled (ViewerConfig.EnableCaching = true), it consumes more resources and time when you render the document for the first time. However, when you render the same document for the second time, the API extracts data from the cache and the rendering time reduces considerably.

Another possible solution is to render only the first page when the document is loaded/opened and render the remaining pages one by one on page navigation or mouse scrolling. In this way, you will not have to wait for rendering process to be completed for the whole document. For more details on how to render one page at a time, please visit this article.