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Large MSG file conversion is slow


We have a 57MB .msg file that contains 11 Excel files.
GroupDocs renders a 94MB PDF file of the .MSG file.
The conversion kicked off at 10:56 am and your PDF was written at 11:11AM. The viewer never displayed the one rendered image because IIS ran out of memory. It took over half an hour before the ‘out of memory’ error was thrown. From the start of the conversion to one image being displayed it would have been over one hour.

The code we use to render the viewer is below. I was giving this by support to use. We need to pass in the file to be rendered because the users have a list on the screen and they can choose between different documents.
function OnDocumentSelect(fileToLoad) {

//alert(‘fileToLoad ’ + fileToLoad);
var localizedStrings = null; var thumbsImageBase64Encoded = null;
localizedStrings: localizedStrings, thumbsImageBase64Encoded: thumbsImageBase64Encoded,
filePath: fileToLoad, quality: 100, showThumbnails: false, openThumbnails: false, initialZoom: 100, zoomToFitWidth: true,
onlyShrinkLargePages: false, zoomToFitHeight: false, width: 1000, height: 900, backgroundColor: null, showFolderBrowser: false, showPrint: true,
showDownload: false, showZoom: true, showPaging: true, showViewerStyleControl: true, showSearch: true, preloadPagesCount: 1, preloadPagesOnBrowserSide: false,
convertWordDocumentsCompletely: false, viewerStyle: 1, supportTextSelection: true, usePdfPrinting: false, toolbarButtonsBoxShadowStyle: null,
toolbarButtonsBoxShadowHoverStyle: null, thumbnailsContainerBackgroundColor: null, thumbnailsContainerBorderRightColor: null, toolbarBorderBottomColor: null,
toolbarInputFieldBorderColor: null, toolbarButtonBorderColor: null, toolbarButtonBorderHoverColor: null, thumbnailsContainerWidth: 0, jqueryFileDownloadCookieName: ‘jqueryFileDownloadJSForGD’,
showDownloadErrorsInPopup: false, showImageWidth: false, showHeader: true, minimumImageWidth: 0, enableStandardErrorHandling: true, useHtmlBasedEngine: true,
useHtmlThumbnails: false, useImageBasedPrinting: true, fileDisplayName: null, downloadPdfFile: false, searchForSeparateWords: false, preventTouchEventsBubbling: false,
useInnerThumbnails: false, watermarkText: null, watermarkColor: null, watermarkPosition: ‘Diagonal’, watermarkFontSize: 0, printWithWatermark: false,
supportPageReordering: false, searchHighlightColor: null, currentSearchHighlightColor: null, treatPhrasesInDoubleQuotesAsExactPhrases: false,
usePngImagesForHtmlBasedEngine: false, showOnePageInRow: false, loadAllPagesOnSearch: false, useEmScaling: false, ignoreDocumentAbsence: false, supportPageRotation: true,
useRtl: false, useAccentInsensitiveSearch: false, useVirtualMode: false, supportListOfContentControls: false, supportListOfBookmarks: false, embedImagesIntoHtmlForWordFiles: false

Is there a faster way to render this document? We only want to see the first or second page. Is there a way to skip generating that huge PDF?

Is there way to disable the rendering of child objects/attachments? We actually do not want to render the Excel files contained within the .msg file.

Is there a way to detect that groupdocsViewer is still rendering and after a certain amount of time cancel the conversion?

Thank You



Thank you for the interest in GroupDocs. To resolve the issue with OutOfMemory error you should use 64 bit App pool in the IIS. Also to speed up loading of the document you can use pre-generation for the cache by using DocumentCache class of the Viewer, for more info for how to use this class please check our documentation . The idea of cache pre-generating is next:
1. Generate cache on server side before user will open the document (for example when document uploaded to the server)
2. When user will open the document - GroupDocs.Viewer will use already generated cache and will not spend time for it generating.

As for disable the rendering of child objects/attachments - sorry but currently this feature dosn’t supported. But we work on the new GroupDocs.Viewer and we will add such feature to our roadmap (sorry but we can’t provide release date for it now).

Thank you.


Does GroupDocs have to always generate a PDF before generating an image file? If there was a way to skip that step it would save a lot of time. Thanks



Thank you for the question. If we understand correct you use image based mode for the Viewer (you don’t have such code line .UseHtmlBasedEngine(true) or you have .UseHtmlBasedEngine(false)). Since that the pdf generated for all the time. You can try to use .UseHtmlBasedEngine(true), this mode more fester compare to image based mode (default mode).

Thank you and please notify us with the results.