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Large PPTX file conversion issue in Java

Is there a size limit for PPTX files?
I’m getting the following error trying to convert a 2GB (2225025477) file:

arraycopy: last destination index 2147483958 out of bounds for byte[2147467598]

  • in java.lang/arraycopy
  • com.groupdocs.conversion.handler/convert

I got the error on 19.4 and 19.10.3 (and I can’t figure out how to convert a PPTX into multiple images efficiently on 20).
The server has enough memory, it is not a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error.


No there’s no size limit.
We’re investigating this scenario with ID CONVERSIONJAVA-1034. If there’s any further information required, we’ll let you know.