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Last comment is not exported in Word

Replication steps:

  1. Upload word document for annotation
  2. Using User 1, create text annotation at least 6 times
  3. Using User2, reply to all comments except for the last comment
  4. Export document in Word.

it is expected that all comments and replies are in the document.
Actual result is that all but the last comment is not exported.

We are using Annotation v17.7.0

Please see sample document and screenshot

ExportedScreenShotForComment.png (41.8 KB)
NotIncludedComment.png (137.2 KB) (17.4 KB)


Thank you for inquiry and sharing details.

We will further investigate on this issue and will log it on our issue tracking system for product team (if required). Currently we are also working on new monthly release of GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET API v17.8.8 which will be available for public use in next 24 hours. Kindly also get a latest API version and give it a try. We will get back to you once we have any further update on your raised issue.

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Rizwan
Support Team


We did further testing and we are finding that it may not be the last comment.
But we are certain that one comment is typically not in the exported Word document.

Perhaps, an indexed is being excluded from the export logic.

Looking forward to the latest release.




Thank you for sharing your further findings, this scenario is logged on our issue tracking system for further investigation and resolution. Ticket id for this issue is “ANNOTATIONNET-497” . If we have any information regarding this issue, we will update you here.



Thank you for your cooperation and waiting.

Your raised issue "last comment is not exported " is fixed in new release. please click here to download the latest API release.

If you will need any help or you will have any other questions regarding GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET API please feel free to ask.