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License could not apply

Dear Support,

Where could I download the developer license and production license properly and apply to our web application ? We have update the global.asax file to point a correct path for lic file.

Steve Yu


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer and posting your query.

Once you have purchased the product license, you will receive a license file via email. You can use this license file to use the product in licensed mode.

Would you please share with us the details in case you are getting any issue while applying the license in your application?

Please find the screen attached.

groupDoc.jpg (136.0 KB)


Thanks for your response. You are getting this message because the license is not applied properly. Following could be the reasons behind this.

  • You are applying the license but the path to license file is not correct
  • Path to license file is correct but the application does not have the rights to access the file or the folder where the license file is located

You can enclose the apply license code in try catch block to check if you are getting any exception as shown in the following code sample.

     using (FileStream licenseStream = new FileStream("LicenseFile.lic", FileMode.Open))
         GroupDocs.Viewer.License lic = new GroupDocs.Viewer.License();
catch(Exception e)

Hope it helps.

Thanks , besides, can you show me the screen when could I download developer and production license ?


Thanks for your response. You don’t need the separate license for the development and the production. You can use the single license on development server as well as on the production server. If you have purchased the license then you would have received the license file via email. If you haven’t, you can place an order here.

Dear usman,

I have download and please find attached screen for your reference. The license still could not apply.

Steve Yu2018-01-19-PHOTO-00006425.jpg (76.9 KB)
2018-01-19-PHOTO-00006426.jpg (291.9 KB)


Thanks for providing the details. From the screenshots you have shared with us, it seems that you are using Aspose.Total license with GroupDocs.Viewer API. Please note that Aspose.Total license works with the Aspose products only and you can not use it with GroupDocs products. You will have to get a GroupDocs license in order to work with GroupDocs products. In case you would have any confusion, please feel free to let us know.