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License encryption

Hello, since we have Developer OEM license it can be distributed to more than one customer. But we looked into the options to encrypt the license at below links.


I would like to know “How will GroupDocs SDK decrypt the encrypted license without passing the key to it?” If you could help with the usage link or doc, it would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


We do always expect that decrypted license is passed in SetLicense(...) method, so the consuming code should have a key to decrypt the license. The simplest use case seems to be the following:

  • Generate a key and store it
  • Encrypt a license with the key from the first step
  • Place the encrypted license in a distributed app or assembly
  • Share the app or assembly with a customer and share the key that can ‘unlock’ the encrypted license
  • In the distributed app or assembly decrypt the encrypted license with the key
  • Then apply the decrypted license by calling SetLicense(...)

Please let us know if it works for you.