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Licesnse issue in Group docs



We have purchased Groupdocs viewer developer OEM license and applied successfully in but some times we are getting below screenshot message . We are using groupdocs viewer 2.17 . If we haven’t applied correctly we should receive below error regularly. Please let us know how to fix this and why we are seeing this message.



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. First of all I glad to inform you that we have released a next generation Viewer library (3.0 version) and if possible you should migrate on it.

If migration doesn’t possible for now please update your library to version 2.19 and try again.

Also if possible can share with me example of your project with your license that I can check and fix it for you.

Best regards.



This unlicense issue is not coming up regularly. We received screenshot from our customer. I’ve attached our code for your reference.Thanks



Thank you for the code example. Based on your code I can see two things that you should change:

1. Move this code:


from the “Page_load” action to the Globals in to the “Application_Start” action

2. Put the license file to the project root or to the any folder inside the project and include it with such code:


Best regards.