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Lines are too thick converting certain DWG to HTML in .NET

Converting the attached file to HTML with GroupDocs.Viewer (22.3) produces an output with very thick lines:
image.png (320.8 KB)

Converting the same file to PDF with GroupDocs.Conversion (22.2) looks much better:
image.png (230.6 KB)

400_B-PH 4ème ÉTAGE_Coffrage_CB.zip (751.0 KB)
There was no special code used for conversion.

        using (var viewer = new Viewer(documentPath))
            var options = HtmlViewOptions.ForEmbeddedResources("output_viewer{0}.html");


I’m sorry for delayed response. We’ve reproduced this issue at our side. The issue ID in our internal bug tracker is VIEWERNET-3927. We’ll update you when we have any new information about this issue.

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