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Live demo and GUI customization of document viewer API in .NET

HI there,

Sales said they can only help can pricing and licensing and I need to ask my below questions by posting to this forum. So I am. I’ll be glad to receive a detailed answer.

I am considering purchasing the your GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET. But I couldn’t find any live demos which we can see the GUI and test the component running live.

Can you please guide me to a sample link.

Also I am looking to learn more about the GUI customisation options that this component has. I’ll be glad if you can provide more info or direct me to the right part of the documentation.



GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is actually a back-end API which provides nearly all possible features that can be performed at the back-end of a document viewer application. It doesn’t contain any built-in viewer control or the UI which makes it more flexible and it becomes easier for the developers to build the applications as per their requirements. It means that the API allows you to create your document viewer in the way you want. Thus, you can create your desired GUI for the front end application.

For the demo, you may try the following document viewer samples which are based on GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET. Since these applications are open source, you may customize the GUI as well as the back-end functionality as per your needs.