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We’re using the GroupDocs.Viewer on a web app and generally it’s working well. What we need to do is load all of the pages in a document right away - currently each page only loads as you scroll down the document. Can you tell me how to force the viewer to load all pages as soon as the viewer is opened?




Hi Andrew,

Thanks for posting your query.

We will require some more information form your side. Please provide us the following details.

  • What is the version of library you are using?
  • If you are using version 3.0 or greater, are you using any of our open source front end applications? If yes, please mention the name.

We will be waiting for your response.

Best Regards



The version we use is




Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the request. In the Viewer widget options we have .PreloadPagesCount(int number). This option set the number of pages loaded immediately. But if you will set to much pages it will take some time to load them. Unfortunately there is no such option to load all pages at once.

Also I want to notify you that you use a very old version of the Viewer and all versions lower then 3.0 doesn’t supported any more and any issues in it will not be fixed. Please migrate to the latest version of the Viewer if possible, for how to migrate please check this documentation

Best regards.



What are the options available if we move to the latest version of the library?


Hi Andrew.

We appreciate your interest in our next generation library.

First of all, please note that the GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET v3.x is a UI-less API exposing only back end document rendering features in which object oriented approach has been implemented in a very simplified way. The latest API is different from the previous versions and the front end UI is disintegrated from it. To know more about the latest version, please visit this link.

We have also created some sample open source front end applications for users to understand the working of the API. Moreover, users can also download and modify these front end applications as per their requirements.

I am listing down some useful resources for you to quickly get started with the next generation API.

Below is the list of sample open source front end applications developed using v3.x.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Warm Regards