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Load Previewer through jquery


Please suggest me how can i load annotation previewer on button click event using ajax?
If I am loading previewer at page load then thumbnail collapse button is working properly but when i am loading at button click event means using call ajax in click event then thumbnail button is not visible So please provide me code for loading preview at ajax call Success .



Thank you for the request. Please download example project here

Thank you.


Thnx for sharing demo project but i need it in MVC so is there any sample project available using MVC having same features.



Thank you for the coming back. No we don’t have such example. The ajax request is a front-end and doesn’t has nothing to do with the project type. Since that the only thing that you need to do is simply create a method which will be called by ajax and move beck-end code (code from public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context) method ) from the ajax.ashx.cs file to this method.

For more information about the methods in the controller please check this documentation

Thank you.