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Loading files from a base64 string


Can GroupDocs Viewer display files (pdf, xls, doc, etc…) that are stored as a base64 string or can it only load the actually files? I can’t find anything in the documentation about this. Thanks.


Hello Matt,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. Yes, all these file types are supported by the GroupDocs.Viewer but GroupDocs.Viewer can’t render file from base64 string.
GroupDocs.Viewer can load files (as files), streams and file from URL (direct URL to the file). Since that you should save your base64 string as file and then load it in the Viewer.

For more information please check this article.


Thank you for your reply. I can most likely get a stream for these files. What about WebAPI? We use .net but not asp or mvc. A lot of your documentation mentions putting code snippets in.

“This call will be transformed into client JavaScript/jQuery code which will call the Groupdocs Viewer jQuery plugin”

Is there a way for me to include the proper JS scripts and necessary javascript calls myself. We don’t generate the HTML on the server the way a lot of .net apps do.


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