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Loading Remote documents from server


We want to load files located in other webserver, from the javascript client. What we need to set for the #groupdocs.viewer.filePath property in this case?


Thank you for your inquiry.

To load your files from another web server and then view them, you can use two ways.

First way: to view the file you can set url for direct access to the file in the GET parameters of the Viewer for Java library for example: and then our viewer will download it and show.

Second way: create your CustomInputDataHandler class to build a tree of your files from remote server and then view them. In our samples we have provided an example for how to use such way , but for best understanding this way you can investigate our article here.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.


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Can you please provide or point me to an example on how to do that using the .NET Viewer?



Thank you for the request. First of all please investigate this documentation. In addition to the documentation you can also check “GroupDocs.Viewer.ViewingViaProvider.Sample” which you can find here .

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