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Making the DOCX read-only after applying watermark using .NET

Hi All,

Is it possible to make the word document read-only after apply watermarks, so that no one removes it?

As per API i am seeing the below property how to apply this to DOC?


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Watermark and sharing your concerns with us.

This enum is intended for setting protection type of output document, but the method to set protection is internal at this moment. Currently, this functionality has some issues and therefore it is not available. However, we have logged it in our internal Issue Tracking System as WATERMARKNET-894 and we hope that it will soon be available in any of the future releases. We’ll also keep you informed in case of any updates.


The feature you have requested earlier to make the Word document read-only (logged as WATERMARKNET-894) has been implemented in GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET 18.6. For details about this feature, please visit this documentation article.