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Maven groupdocs.viewer.3.0


I’ve been trying to migrate to groupdocs.viewer 3.0. I changed my pom.xml to version 3.0.0. When updating my maven-project, I got the error: failed to read artifact descriptor for com.groupdocs…. In the pom.xml for groupdocs.3.0 there is a parent referenece to groupdocs-viewer-parent. But I didn’t find a published repository with this name? Do you have a solution for me?

All the best,
Josef Auer

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Hi Josef,

Thanks for showing your interest in our product.

We apologize that you are facing this issue, and we are able to reproduce the same problem at our end as well.
Hence we are in contact with product team, as we get any update from them, we will inform you.
Stay tuned.

Best regards