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Migrate to version 3.0



I’m trying to migrate my GroupDocs Viewer to version 3.0. Handling object is for the *.aspx side, but now I see there is no such thing like ‘Viewer’ class anymore. I got something like this:

<%@ Import Namespace=“Groupdocs.Web.UI” %>
<%=Viewer.ClientCode().TargetElementSelector(“body”).Stream(ByteStream, FileName, Extension, FileName).ZoomToFitWidth().Locale(SupportedLocales.plPL).MinimumImageWidth(100).Quality(100).PreloadPagesCount(1).OpenThumbnails(False)

based on this tutorial:

Will it be any solution how to do the same in version 3.0 ?


Hello There,

Actually in the version 3.0.0 the approach has been changed. Now the static/abstract classes like Viewer has been removed . ViewerImageHandler and ViewerHtmlHandlers are introduced as the main objects of the GroupDocs.Viewer.

Kindly have a look at:

For programming guide please visit:

You can also download examples from here

Thank you


Ok, I got it, but I don’t see in these new examples any way to generate document in the old way, that means document is opened in GUI with options like print, next page, previous page, search in text etc. Examples only shows how to generate pages as image for example and save them on disc.

My company has bought your licence about 3 months ago mostly because of your front-end, but now in new version I don’t see this functionality, could you give any solution how to run your Viewer in browser like I used to do this (my code in first post) ?

Hi There,

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that you can still use the old front end with the mentioned functionality (print, search, previous page. next page etc). The old front end has been compatible with new Groupdocs.Viewer 3.0.0 . Also it has been open sourced and can be downloaded from Github. Please feel free to give it a try and let us know your feedback.

Happy coding!


Thanks for source code, but it doesn’t really help, I just want a simple solution like it was in this link:
but this time connected with new version 3.0. As you mentioned, there is no such class like ‘Viewer’ anymore, so how can I use the old front-end on new version using ASP.NET WebForms?

is also a very good tutorial, if only You could modify it to version 3.0


Hi There,

Thanks for sharing your concerns.

Since we have disintegrated the front end part from the back end document processing APIs, unfortunately there is no way to use the front end as part of the APIs starting V3.0.0. However, as you shared that you are a paid user and using old GroupDocs.Viewer where front end was a part of the APIs, could you please create a new thread with your account through which you purchased the APIs? Please also share your complete requirements about the features you want to see in a front end. We’ll try to provide you a new open source front end with some open source API wrappers which hopefully you can use easily.

We’ll be looking forward to a new thread with a proper user account. We are unable to track your threads under “Anonymous”. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.