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Misplaced text in Excel and Word shapes



I converted Office documents to PDF using GroupDocs.Conversion. I found the following issues

Excel & Word :
1. Misplaced text inside shape (‘L’ shape)
2. Trimmed text inside shape ( ‘+’ shape)

3. Hyperlink is applied to adjacent words too.

If these issues are not already known, please let me know, I will upload the images.

Note: My 30 days trial license has expired.



Hello Sathish,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issues. Could you please share with us which version of the library you use, document examples, screenshots and code example.

Thank you.


Hi Pavel

Due to restriction in my company, I am not allowed to share the official documents. I am using GroupDocsConversionDemoApp console project for conversion without any modification except filenames. Hyperlink is applied to entire line instead of single word as in Powerpoint document. Could you please make sure hyperlink is working properly in powerpoint to PDF conversion with your latest libs ?

Example :

Input (pptx) : GroupDocs conversion is really good.
Output (pdf) : GroupDocs conversion is really good.

Thank you.



thank you for coming back. Unfortunately with out your docs we can’t reproduce the issue. We have checked your issue again and the link is converted well, on the screenshot you can see both source and converted documents and they are identical.

Since you can share the documents could be you can prepare some demo files with demo content with which will be able to reproduce the issue.

Thank you.