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Missing Function

I am testing Redaction product for our needs and in doing so I convert routines to VB.NET. I am converting the following for a test :
using (Redactor redactor = new Redactor(“sample.docx”))
RedactorChangeLog result = redactor.Apply(new RegexRedaction(LookupStrings.SSNRegexPattern, new ReplacementOptions("[ssn]")));
if (result.Status != RedactionStatus.Failed)
I can not find the function “LookupStrings.SSNRegexPattern” Can you tell me where it is or what am I missing.


We’re looking into this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is REDACTIONNET-306. You’ll be notified as there’s any update.


We’ve updated the documentation and example project. This method was added by mistake. Please use updated code example.

Thanks for your quick response


You are welcome.