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Modify EPS files having 2-D drawing

I plan to use GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API product to load EPS file which contains 2-D drawing image. Is it possible to amend the loaded image i.e.

  • delete/erase certain line vector exist in the image
  • crop certain part of line vector which is in a closed loop (like a circle image)
  • move certain part of line vector to a different position

I plan to do this programmatically when the user interact with the loaded EPS inside the Viewer. Please do suggest the relevant product to achieve this behaviors.

I wish to let user interact with the eps image and allow some editing like cropping, deleting, moving simple line shapes.
Attached sample eps file. (504 Bytes)


Unfortunately GroupDocs.Viewer does not support file modifications as it is out of the scope of this product. I believe you’re looking for something more specialized like Aspose.Page that is focused on processing PostScript and XPS files.

Please let us know if Aspose.Page suits you’re requirements.