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Most of the time i will get like this error when i try to open file form client machine



Pls see the attachment,full description given with screenshot and source code.



Hello Aravind,

We cannot open the document “When i try to save this file many times so then it.docx” from the “When.rar” archive. It seems that this document is corrupted.

Please send us a correct document.



Sorry for inconvenience,Actually i am also face .docx upload problem in this post ,i cant upload the doc,so only i zip the file and upload,pls find the attachment in zip,and inside have .doc file.



Hello Aravind,

Now we were able to download and open your document successfully.

1. As you can see from yours screenshots, the real description of the error is hidden by your server’s settings. Go to the web.config, “configuration”->“system.web” section, and make sure that If you don’t want to expose yours errors to the public, you can use (in case if you are able to login to your site from the machine where it is hosted). Here you can find out more info about that. We need that message for understanding the reason of this error.

2. We do not suggest you to invoke GroupDocs.Viewer from JavaScript. GroupDocs.Viewer has a lot of updates, and these updates are releasing quite often. We suggest you to use standard "Viewer.ClientCode().TargetElementSelector…"

The code below was generated by the latest version of the GroupDocs.Viewer. Compare it with yours JS code and evaluate a huge discrepancy. This also may be the reason of the error.

3. If particular document is displayed correctly in other browsers and incorrectly in Internet Explorer, then we need this document for checking this out, reproducing and reporting to developers. This is the only way how to fix it.

4. There are some useful tips how to speed-up performance. First of all, try to use HTML-rendering mode (GroupDocs.Viewer 2.0 – Enhancements and New Features in the Document Viewer for .NET Library (Part A), section “HTML-Based Rendering Mode”). Second tip is to use “PreloadPagesCount(1)” method. When using this method GroupDocs.Viewer will begin to load document to the client-side when first page of the document will be converted. When this method is not used, GroupDocs.Viewer converts all pages of a document and only then sends it to the client-side. Also, if this is possible for your business-logic, you can disable thumbnails (“ShowThumbnails(false)”) - this will increase performance too.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.



Can u clear the doubt.

1.I will get that xml error sometimes,but same file i can open and view content in viewer.And
customErrors mode=“RemoteOnly” is only view custom error page this is not slove error.

2.Can u tell me how to invoke globaldoc viewer,here i attach file pls modify and send back to me.

3.Yes,only in ie11 cant open file in viewer.

4.i already added this parameter in config ,but still it wait for convert jpg file upto last file.
“HTML-Based Rendering Mode” and "PreloadPagesCount(1)"

5.Sometimes viewer convert jpg and js file inside temp folder sometimes cant,pls see the attachmen files and filess.
14 files try to view but only 8 files views other files i got error in viewer like first point i mentioned .

If i remove files from temp folder,then it convert jpg and js and can view.



Hello Aravind,

1. Enabling custom errors mode can show us the real reason of the issue. It is hard to understand what is wrong without seeing the reason.
2. You can use the code from the article “How to use GroupDocs Viewer for .NET in an ASP.NET Project”. It contains all necessary source code for using GroupDocs.Viewer in the WebForms project.
3. Ok, but we still need this file for reproducing, investigating and fixing the issue.
4. It’s unclear about what config you are talking. For enabling HTML-based rendering mode you should use “.UseHtmlBasedEngine(true)” method, and for preloading pages - “.PreloadPagesCount(x)” method. For example:

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.