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MS Word document compare and merge issue- Target file text is also marked for deletion

In the target files if there are changes to the file then when we merge with the source file after the merge the text in the target file is also marked for deletion - This is not expected.
Could we make sure the text in the target file can be conditional [Ex: After the merge the text specific to the target file is not marked for deletion? Please see the below merged file screenshot.]

image.png (209.2 KB)

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GroupDocs.Comparison detects differences between source and target files for changes at paragraphs, words and characters levels.
However, please go through this article - accept or reject detected changes. Using this approach you can reject and change detected from target file.

Thank you for the reply. Checked the mentioned article. Issue is existing.
If possible we could connect on a phone call to discuss the issue we are facing.
We are currently exploring this GroupDocs.Comparison product before we decide to buy this software.

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As per the forum policy, all free support queries are assisted on this forum.
Could you please share the source and target files? And also mention the changes that you want to avoid/exempt in comparison.
Do you want to reject specific changes from the target file?

Below is the code we are using.
using (Comparer comparer = new Comparer(“C://Reports//Source.docx”))//Master File
comparer.Add(“C://Reports//Target.docx”);//Entity Specific file
CompareOptions compareOptions = new CompareOptions();
compareOptions.ShowRevisions = false;
comparer.Compare(“C://Reports//Finalresult.docx”, compareOptions);

Including the 1.Source.docx and 2.Target.docx and the 3.Finalresult.docx files.


  1. You will see the “Finalresult.docx” file contains the difference in blue text. Is there any way the “Finalresult.docx” file could only show the final merged file [Example: Keeping the changes in “Target.docx” and removing the changes not found in “Target.docx”]
  2. What is expected is if the “Source.docx” has changes then that changes would be merged to “Target.docx” while keeping any changes local to “Target.docx” untouched.

Source.docx (14.4 KB)
Target.docx (14.5 KB)
Finalresult.docx (10.3 KB)

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Thanks for the details.
We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is COMPARISONNET-3132.