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Ms word document font substitution issue in Java

OS: ubuntu 14.04.5
Groupdocs Version: 17.12 for Java

the attached .doc file converts with word fine, but fails to convert with groupdocs (see the attached)

asian_chars-1-groupdocs.pdf (80.1 KB)
asian_chars-1-word.pdf (388.2 KB) (13.7 KB)


Thank you for your inquiry.
We reproduced this issue at our end as well. Hence, it has been logged in our internal issue tracking system with ID:CONVERSIONJAVA-518. As we have any update, we shall notify you.
However, can you please tell (for this particular scenario) that loading Noto font from the font directory gives any better output? Or the output is same as you shared.
We’ll appreiacate your cooperation.

loading Noto font from the font directory does not give any better result. the original file (asian_chars-1.doc) is not using the Noto font family.

the original document has the following fonts: Batang, Calibri, Cambria, and MS Gothic

the groupdocs converted document has the following fonts: Calibri, Cambria, and ArialUnicodeMS

from this i surmise that Batang and MS Gothic are being replaced with ArialUnicodeMS and that’s what’s not being rendered correctly. Either that font doesn’t contain the characters that are in the document or GroupDocs is rendering that font incorrectly on some characters.

i think it might be a GroupDoc issue because when i brought the original file into LibreOffice and changed the font of the entire document to ArialUnicodeMS, it rendered and exported to .pdf fine.

i hope this helps. my original assumption of trying to get Noto as the default was that Noto would contain the characters that your default of Arial Unicode MS does not. it looks like i was wrong and that it’s not a font-character problem, but maybe a groupdocs rendering of that specific font problem?

does that sound right to you?

thanks again,


Thank you for the clarification.

We are investigating this. As we have any update, we shall apprise you.
We appreciate your cooperation.

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This issue will be resolved in upcoming release of the API that is expected sometime in August 2018.

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Your reported issue CONVERSIONJAVA-518 is now resolved in latest release of the API. Please download 18.12 and share your feedback.

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