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Multiple Dll dependency issues in C#

Hi, i Have the following dll versions in my application.

img1.jpg (108.8 KB)
img2.jpg (51.8 KB)

for Groupdocs.watermark API dll added as reference from bin folder.its not added via nugetpackages (version will be 19.11.0)

Problem 1:

I’m in situation to update Groupdocs.Search dll to version 20.6 .because i need to use (UseRawTextExtraction option).
if i update API to 20.6 means,i’m getting the some issue for Groupdocs.Watermark with aspose.imaging version dependencies
dll update issue.jpg (181.3 KB)
Problem -2:

for Groupdocs.Watermark Instead of adding via bin folder dll reference,i just added API via nugetpackages with latest version(20.7.0).

viewer issue.jpg (128.3 KB)

i think you can understand the issue.i cant share the code because it’s my official application.

To resolve these issue,kindly direct me with proper API versions.


We’d recommend you to update all APIs to the latest versions. GroupDocs.Watermark version more specifically (from 19.11 to 20.7). And then let us know if issue persists. We couldn’t reproduce the exception using latest versions, have a look at this screenshot.png (67.9 KB).

After updating Search to 20.6 and Watermark to 20.7 . i’m getting the following dependency error.
In License setting no issues but in code level,

viewer issue.jpg (128.3 KB)

Is there any possibility to connect my application through teamviewer and check


As you can see in the screenshot shared above. We don’t face any exception at code level. However, you can prepare a simple console application (add all API references, using that issue could be reproduced) and share that with us.

License Issue.jpg (172.8 KB)
Hi i have created console application and added all API with new version only.
i have shared the console app and also issue screenshot for your reference.!Ashw7CN5fQm2j3aOT60l2QcWFo_3?e=QSBbes

shared the console app also.
i removed the license file from this.


We added these DLL references in the project. And got an exception at viewer.view(), please have a look at this screenshot.png (64.7 KB). But if we disable or un-check auto-generate binding.PNG (37.6 KB), application works just fine. Go to project properties and un-check this option. Let us know if issue persists.

As per you direction ,already i disabled that one.

I have a doubt,if i upgrade API Version to latest,is it related to license of ?.

Anything need to update in license also?..

From your support side .is any possibility to connect through team viewer and check


Please have a look at this screencast.
We created a new project and added only those GroupDocs API references that you shared in the screenshots (with same versions).
When auto-generate binding is enabled, we get an exception in Viewer method. But when we disable it and then clean/rebuild solution, we get rid of such an exception.
Please make sure after disabling auto-generate, your solution is cleaned and build again.

You can see in the screencast, we didn’t apply license at all. So this doesn’t seem to be a license related issue.
If issue persists, let us know if you added any other DLL (e.g. Aspose) in your project.

I have created console application and i did auto-generate binding is disabled and rebuild.
everything works fine.

But i have a MVC application after updating dll’s from nuget packages, some conflicts under existing version of aspose dll’s and groupdocs API’s.

in My MVC application it is not resolved yet.1.png (63.8 KB)
2.png (38.6 KB)

i have attached the available dll’s under my MVC application package seeing that ,you can suggest something.


We noticed in 1.png file that you shared earlier, some Aspose APIs (Cells, Imaging, Notes, PDF and Slides) are not updated. You are still using older versions. Please update them to latest versions. And if issue persists, share following details:

  • Exception details that you are facing
  • App.config/Web.config file

As per your direction i have updated all dll’s and still i’m getting exception.!Ashw7CN5fQm2j3tq8ckRgN2lNMta?e=vfy9Iv

i have added screenshots and webconfig file of UI project and appconfig of another project in same solution both uses groupdocs API’s.


Please disable assemblyBinding in app.config, clean and rebuild the solution. Let us know if issue persists.

In both projects it is disabled.
i already shared you the web config and app anything missing on that files.

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Please have a look at this screenshot.PNG (44.8 KB) and disable all assembly bindings. If issue persists, share a sample MVC application. Please don’t include DLL files (it will increase project size a lot). You can enable restore NuGet packages and we’ll restore them at our end.

Ok. As like screenshot you shared i commented those assembly and clean rebuild done.but still problem.

i need to work on sample MVC application creation and then share with you.


Yes. Please prepare a basic web application and share that with us without DLL (just enable NuGet restore).