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My Document was changed when I convert from .docx to .pdf

Hi, everyone.

I want some help because when I try to convert my document from .docx to .pdf, I can do it successfully, but the document is not the same as the original, I add a picture where you can see that a paragraph of the document has been cut and you can even see a big white space between both paragraphs.

image.png (113.1 KB)

Do you know how can I fix it?


Please share following details and we’ll investigate this scenario:

  • API variant that you are using (.NET or Java)
  • API version (e.g. 20.10, 21.1)
  • Sample code
  • Problematic DOCX file

Hi, Thank you so much for your response.

I share with you all the details you asked.

  • API variant (.NET)
  • API version (
  • Sample Code:

private string WordToPdfFile (string source) {
string target = Service.PathTmp + “\” + System.IO.Path.GetRandomFileName () + “.pdf”;
int state = -0x01;
try {
GroupDocs.Conversion.Config.ConversionConfig config = new GroupDocs.Conversion.Config.ConversionConfig {
StoragePath = “.”,
OutputPath = “.”,
TempDataHandler = new MyTempDataHandler ()

GroupDocs.Conversion.Handler.ConversionHandler Handler = new GroupDocs.Conversion.Handler.ConversionHandler (config);
var result = Handler.Convert (source, new GroupDocs.Conversion.Options.Save.PdfSaveOptions ());
result.Save (target);
state = 0x00;
result.Dispose ();
result = null;
Handler = null;
} catch (Exception ee) {
try { System.IO.File.AppendAllText (AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + “[\BitacoraConver.log](file://bitacoraconver.log/)”, "HtmlToPdfFile: " + ee.ToString ()); } catch {}
target = “”;
ee.ToString ();
return target;



Please have a look at the source and output (1.5 MB). Let us know if this output is what you are expecting.

Yes, that’s the output we’re expecting but as I showed you in the image when we convert the document with our current version the document is not the same after the convertion…

What do we need to do?


You’ve to integrate latest version of the API in your project.