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Need Groupdocs.annotation tool in .Net MVC project with react js

I am going to integrate the annotation tool in the .Net MVC project with react js. but I checked GitHub there is no repository available with react js (client-side). kindly guide me. how I can use it?


Please note that GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET is a back-end, UI-Agnostic API that can work with any client-side framework. For now we only have this MVC project that uses Angular. However, we have logged a request on GitHub. But we cannot share any ETA at the moment.

thanks for your reply. @Atir_Tahir yes I already know about the .net project, actually, I need client-side with reactjs.

Dear @Atir_Tahir,

By the way, Here is no documentation regarding the frontend. kindly guide me regarding the frontend. how I can use it in react js app.


I am afraid but we only have developer guide for the back-end API implementation/usage. The only client-side demo application we’ve for now is this Angular based project. And that was also developed just to give an idea, how API could work with any front-end framework.

Dear @Atir_Tahir, Ok,

I have checked the angular-based project. I haven’t find the angular (typescript) file in it. how I can apply the modification.


Please have a look at this thread. We’ve already answered it.