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Need help regarding which solution should I get

Hi, I need some help in getting the right solution for my project. I am explaining some details about it below kindly provide some feedback.

the scenario is … The user sends a PDF document to the client for a signature. The client receives that document via email or in his portal. Opens the document to sign. Add the signatures or initials. And send it back to the user for verification.

We are working in .NET

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You may need to explore GroupDocs.Signature for .NET. This back-end, UI-Agnostic API could be integrated in any .NET application without any third party tool or software dependency.

If user gets the document in email, he/she can download and then open or load this document in the application, sign it and save/download or send back over email.
Otherwise, API also supports document loading from multiple sources (e.g. Amazon S3, Stream, URL). Hence, you can develop your own document signing portal, where one user will upload a PDF file and the other user could sign it without downloading the file to the local machine.
You may find following resources helpful:

Please let us know if you need any further help.