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Need Java developer to help get set up


We have a PHP web application where users can upload PDFs to their account. We’d like them to be able to open their PDFs in GroupDocs.Annotate, hosted on a separate Java server. I’m not a Java developer so it’s all foreign territory for me, so we are looking for a Java guru who’d be willing to take on the project of getting us set up and who can customize the code to suit our needs, which we can discuss further. We have a limited budget but would like to compensate fairly.

Hello there,

Thank you for interest in the GroupDocs. Yes, you can use the GroupDocs.Annotation library to collaborate on PDFs and documents of other types. Here at GroupDocs we develop different products for the document collaboration but we are not the company which implements custom solutions. Probable you have to look in some other place for the Java developer who can use the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java library and build the application for you.


Well, we were hoping that someone with familiarity with GroupDocs might have some extra time and want to help and get paid =)


We expose quite simple and clear API. Any middle developer will be able to learn and start working with it. So, we suggest you to get familiar with our API or employ some developer, who will help you to implement your project.