Need javascript version for document-annotation


Hi sami,

Thanks for quick solution.

There are still some issues:

  1. In Edge browser selection of Tool is not accurate seems to be little offset. The tool dosent gets selected if my mouse pointer is on right half of the icon.
  2. In Chrome browser after selecting the annotation tool, drawing with mouse is still not working but if i use my touchscreen then the annotation gets drawn. Is it because i am having touchscreen?



We have logged this issue in our showcase project at GitHub. We’ll look into it and once we have any update, we will notify you. Please click here for future correspondence and updates regarding this issue.

We are unable to reproduce this issue at our end. Are you facing some exception or error in Chrome console?. If so, then please share that error.


No i am not getting any exception in the chrome console except for “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)” for “http://localhost:8080/favicon.ico”.


I just checked and found that drawing of tools by mouse dosent work if you have a touchscreen. On normal screen it works in chrome browser.



This issue has been fixed. Please download the updated version of the application from GitHub repository.

We have logged this issue on GitHub. Please follow this link for further updates on the issue.
However, if you want to use mouse and do not need touchscreen then you can disable touchscreen support in the chrome.