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.NET DOC to PDF conversion content is changed

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a really good day.

Today we convert a .doc file but when it was converted to .pdf the content changed.

When I opened in Word I can see a part called “Revisiones” that maybe in english must be traslated as “Reviews” and this reviews are aplied to the document before the convertion starts and obviously changes the content of the file after the convertion finish.

I would like to know if the groupdocs tool can avoid the apply of this reviews to the file before the convertion.

My version is the 20.0, .NET and I can’t upload the .doc file that has the problem because the platform here doesn’t allowed it. But I can send it by email if you want

Thank you so much for your help!


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Could you please share the exact API version (20.1, 20.3, 20.4 etc) and the sample code?

You can upload the document here in ZIP format (compress the Word document into ZIP). Or if there’s a file size issue, please upload it to some cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive) and share link here on in private message.

Hi Atir, thank you so much for your response.

Sorry, I checked the version, is

This is the sample code

private string WordToPdfFile (string source) {
string target = Service.PathTmp + “\” + System.IO.Path.GetRandomFileName () + “.pdf”;
int state = -0x01;
try {
GroupDocs.Conversion.Config.ConversionConfig config = new GroupDocs.Conversion.Config.ConversionConfig {
StoragePath = “.”,
OutputPath = “.”,
TempDataHandler = new MyTempDataHandler ()

GroupDocs.Conversion.Handler.ConversionHandler Handler = new GroupDocs.Conversion.Handler.ConversionHandler (config);
var result = Handler.Convert (source, new GroupDocs.Conversion.Options.Save.PdfSaveOptions ());
result.Save (target);
state = 0x00;
result.Dispose ();
result = null;
Handler = null;
} catch (Exception ee) {
try { System.IO.File.AppendAllText (AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + “[\BitacoraConver.log](file://bitacoraconver.log/)”, "HtmlToPdfFile: " + ee.ToString ()); } catch {}
target = “”;
ee.ToString ();
return target;

And I attached the file in .zip
1359000026355737022.zip (555.2 KB)


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Please have a look at this output.pdf (700.6 KB). We cannot reproduce this issue at our end using API version 20.x and the provided file.
We’d recommend you to migrate to 20.x (or to the latest version more preferably). Have a look at these migration notes. Let us know if issue persists.

thanks for the awesome information.


You are welcome.