.NET GroupDocs.Parser temporary license issue

I was recently issued a temporary license for GroupDocs.Parser. Each time I try to set the license in code, I get this exception: GroupDocs.Parser.Exceptions.GroupDocsParserException: ‘Invalid license signature. Please make sure the license file was not modified.’

I didn’t modify the license file - I only saved it directly to the run path of my app.

Here is a code sample to reproduce the issue, using the GroupDocs.Parser v22.11.0 NuGet package:

var license = new GroupDocs.Parser.License();
license.SetLicense(“GroupDocs.Parser.NET.lic”); // file from temporary license email


Could you please share the sample application using that issue could be reproduced? Also specify you development environment details (e.g. OS version).

I’m running this on Windows 10 Enterprise and using Visual Studio Professional 2022 v17.4.3.

See attached zip for the sample program to reproduce:
ParserTest2.zip (4.6 KB)

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Thanks for the details. We are now investigating this issue. Your investigation ticket ID is PARSERNET-1965. You’ll be notified in case of any update.

@atir.tahir Is there any update on this issue? I’m experiencing the same problem using GroupDocs.Parser v23.2.0

@shannan @mattnordberg

This issue is fixed. Please download this NuGet.

@atir.tahir thank you for your timely reply! Unfortunately the problem persists with that version of the NuGet package. I’ve also tried downgrading to 22.6.0 because my project is .Net Standard 2.0, but that didn’t make a difference.

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Could you please share/make a simple console application using that issue could be reproduced?