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.NET Signature API handler and config classes issue after version upgrade

Hello all,

I have an application which is heavily using handler and config namespace for example,

using GroupDocs.Annotation.Handler;
using GroupDocs.Annotation.Config;

now I updated my groupdocs dll from 19.6 to 20.8, the above api’s has been removed but I am unclear what should and how should I change my code as per the groupdocs, for example below is a code which is now giving me error, how can I solve this,

private static AnnotationImageHandler AnnotationImageHandler;
AnnotationConfig config = new AnnotationConfig

I am stuck in this since last 2 weeks and not able to find anything which solve my problem, I read release notes and migration notes but didn’t help me,

It will be helpful if somebody help me to resolve this


Please note that the latest API version doesn’t support Annotation handlers and configurations. You have to update your code and the instructions/details are given in the release notes, migration notes, developer guide and code examples.

thanks a lot, those examples worked for me


Good to know that.