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I have created a basic Java application which creates an index, adds documents to index and executes a query for a word. All looks good and using the highlighting example html files are opened.

I have a a couple of questions which I’m hoping you can assist with.
First it appears that found documents return how do I know if the rest have failed because no matching search criteria or the document is not covered or is corrupt perhaps
Next does the indexing/search include embedded objects for example a chart in excel or word

Many thanks


Suppose we have 10+ documents in a directory and want to perform search over that. When we pass a search string/query to the API, it will return all the documents that match the search string.

How Search Works?
The Search method returns an object of type SearchResult. This page describes the information available in an object of type SearchResult.
Out of 10 if we get 5 documents in the result, that means other 5 don’t have the specified search string.

API supports search for different object types: text, numbers, dates, file names, document types, metadata fields, document creation/modification dates.
Could you please explain “chart in excel”. How you are going to perform search here? What would be your search string? Do you mean search chart data (that is eventually some text)?

Thanks for the reply, my code mostly mirrors the code in your reply.

If I have 10 documents in my document folder and am searching for the word ‘Oxygen’ and the results brought back five document that contained the search word what should i consider about the five documents not found. Is it the case that the search completed but the word was not found or could it be that there was a corrupt of unsupported file format and the search did not complete.

If I create a chart based on data in an excel spreadsheet with labelled axis etc then cut and paste the chart into a word document will the search of the word document find labels that match the search criteria

Many thanks


We are investigating these scenarios. Your investigation ticket ID SEARCHJAVA-215. We’ll notify you in case of any update.