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No way to add annotation with the groupDocs.Annotation for .NET Library demo?



I am trying to test the annotation functionnality of the groupDocs.Annotation for .NET Library.
I have downloaded the 1.8.0 trial version here and followed exactly the instructions of this page :

When i run the website, the sample pdf file is correctly displayed with a toolbar above, but i have no way to annotate the doc. The tool bar only allow to import annotations, print, zoom and change the pages. Is it normal ?

My environment : Visual Studio 2012 and ASP.NET MVC

Thanks for your response,




Hello David,

We are sorry to hear that you have this issue.

Can you please describe in details why exactly you cannot add annotations to the document? What is happening when you try to add them? Some error message, popup, etc.? Or GUI simply doesn’t respond? Or there is no annotation toolbar, like it is present here?

Please check the browser console for errors along with “Net” tab (request/response scanner) and let us know if there is anything suspicious.

Thanks and waiting for your response.


Hi Denis and thanks for your response.

Yes the problem is that i have some sort of navigation toolbar , where i can zoom in/out, change page, but i have no option to allow me to annotate the text. I don’t know exactly how it should normally display (is there an annotation button in the toolbar? or do we annotate by just selecting the text in the document) but annotation function doesn’t seem to be there.

Plus i have missing icons in the toolbar, but i don’t know where to find them and where to put them in my project.

I attached 2 screenshots with the errors (mainly missing images) i get when i load the page and the “Net” tab content.




Hello David,

Thanks for providing us the detail and the screenshots. Please try to add the node to the “system.webServer” section of your web.config file. If this will not help, or will be insufficient, please come back to us, and provide the next info:
1. Which web-server are you using?
2. In which mode the application pool is working?
3. Which version of .NET Framework and ASP.NET MVC are you using?

Thanks and waiting for your reply.