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Non standard Fonts

My organisation uses non standard fonts - Messina Sans, and Coranto2 - as a default for all documents. Are these handled? A partner organisation uses GroupDocs Viewer and finds that content that is created using these fonts just does not appear/get rendered.


Thanks for contacting support.

While rendering, GroupDocs.Viewer fetches the fonts from the source document and provides you the option to either embed the fonts in the HTML or save them as external resources. There might be the case when the document does not contain the font in it. In that case, the API searches the required font in the fonts installed on the machine. If the font is not found, some other suitable font can be used using HtmlOptions.DefaultFontName property. Furthermore, the API also provides the feature of setting custom fonts and you can tell the API to use the specified fonts using ViewerConfig.FontDirectories property.

For this, you can share with us the problematic documents as well as the platform and version of GroupDocs.Viewer being used so that we can check it at our end.