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Not able to convert doc to tif


I get the exception “Conversion from Doc to Tif is not supported” when I attempt to convert a MS Word document to TIF. This occurs with both .doc and .docx files.

I am using an evaluation copy of GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET, version 1.9.0, in a C# console application. I have requested and received the temporary license that should give me a fully functioning version of the software.

I have tried inserting the following line of code in both the Main function and the function that is calling the Conversion method, GroupdocsConversion.SetLicensePath(@“F:\GroupDocs\GroupDocs.Conversion.lic”);.

I am using the following line of code to convert the document, var convertResults = converter.Convert(aFile, targetPath + convertedFileName + “.tif”, FileType.Tif);.

I can use the same code to convert a PDF to a TIF without a problem.

The Word document was created in MS Word 2010.

I have followed the example in the GroupDocsConversionConsoleAppDemo sample application.

I am thinking the issue is with the license file not being recognized, but I am not sure how to correctly reference the file in a C# console application.

Any suggestions?



Thank you for your request. To resolve the issue you should change result file type from FileType.Tif to FileType.Tiff.

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I’m noticing this also in the various documents I’m testing during my evaluations. Two different MS Word docs would have trouble converting to a image type. Why does it matter if one can convert to TIF and not TIFF while the other is vice versa?

This makes it hard to code a conversion tool when you want to have a consistent output of an image format (EG: TIFF only).

Hello ,

Thank you for your request.

Could you please share with us your MS Word file examples and all variants of conversion (with code) that you have tried. We will investigate them and will notify you when we will have any results.

Please come back to us with your details and we will be glad to help you .


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I will look for the word docs but in the message thread, you told the OP to use TIFF instead of TIF.

My point is why does it matter if you use the file type TIF vs TIFF. It should be the same image file. What is it in your code that it matters to use TIF vs TIFF?.

Unless I’m mistaken, TIF and TIFF are the same thing. It’s a matter of OS file extension and not a different image type.



Thank you for the request. Yes, you right this will be fixed in the brand new Conversion library. I will notify you when it will be ready. Currently you can use the workaround provided in the posts above.

Sorry for the inconvenience.