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Not able to enter comment and delete annotation on upgrade to Annotation 2.0.0


I have had the license issue but was adviced to use the 2.0.0 version. It is not properly loading. However, there are two issues that came about.

First here are the GroupDocs versions I am using.

1. Groupdocs.Viewer.dll -

2. Groupdocs.Web.Annotation.dll -

3. Groupdocs.Web.UI.Comparison.dll -

There are no changes in configuration as previous releases. The only update are the DLLs mentioned above.

The following errors occurred:

1. The Highlighting the text for comment does not pop-up the comment section although I am able to enter the comments after I refresh the page.

2. Deleting the comment throws an exception.

Please see the attached video screen shot for more details.

Let me know if you need more information.




Hi Leo,

Thank you for the request. I will investigate this and then come back to you shortly with full info.

Thank you.


Hi again,

Yes, I was able to reproduce the issue - our Product team will check and resolve them. Then I will notify you with the results and fix version.

Sorry for the inconvenience.