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NuGet packages missing

Hi team,

I downloaded the source sample "".

Error occurs when i try to rebuild the solution of webform front end "This project references NuGet package(s) are missing on this computer.Enable NuGet Package Restore to download them."

I enabled NuGet Package Restore and then rebuilt the solution.

Here are the errors:

1、Unable to find version '16.10.0' of package 'groupdocs-viewer-donet'.

2、Command""..\ASP.Net_WebForm_Front_End\.nuget\NuGet.exe" install "..\ASP.NET_WebForm_Front_End\GroupDocs.Viewer.WebForm.FrontEnd\packages.config"-source""-NonInteractive-RequireConsent-solutionDir "..ASP.NET_WebForm_Front_End\"" has quit,code is 1.

Hi Xiaoyuwan,

Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

Please follow below steps after opening the solution in Visual Studio.

  • Right click on solution and press "Enable NuGet package Restore"
  • Right click on solution and press "Manage NuGet packages for Solution"
  • Press “Restore” button
  • Build the project

In other case, it is also possible that Visual Studio is unable to automatically add API references because of Visual Studio or NuGet version differences. In this case, please add references of missing APIs manually by following below steps.

  • Open solution in Visual Studio
  • Open packages.config file and remove GroupDocs.Viewer entry and save file
  • Expand References node and remove reference entry of GroupDocs.Viewer
  • Add the reference again manually or using NuGet Package Manager

If you still get any issue, please feel free to tell us.

Warm Regards

Hi usman.aziz,

Thanks for your advice.

It works for me with the second solution.

Hi Xiaoyuwan,

You are always welcome.

Warm Regards