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Hi All

Bought a package, tried to get it running in Joomla, can’t, but I will work on that. That is not the problem.

What I need for a client, who is a lawyer, is for his clients to log as a user, then be presented with a list of documents which he then chooses, say a disclaimer.

Client then fills in the disclaimer with his details, logo, name and address, etc, either prints, or saves the doc, to his Group Docs account and that is that. Pretty simple.

I need that written for me.

I have been onto stacks on legal forms sites none can offer anything like this, most of them are basically application forms that produce a document, very labor intensive.

If anyone can help, or write the API I need, please do contact me.

My email is

Best Regards

Nick Ridout

Hi Nick,

Thanks for getting back in touch with us,

Our API supports all of the functionality that you are currently looking for, however it would be necessary for you or someone else to implement the functionality required for your exact use-case.

In some cases we do build out custom CMS plugins for our API's, however before we would proceed with doing a custom GroupDocs Assembly API plugin for Joomla, we'd need a long term subscription to our Enterprise API plan to justify the expense of creating a custom GroupDocs Assembly API plugin for Joomla.

Please let us know if this is something that would be of interest to you?

Many thanks,


Derek Hyland, Venture Lead, GroupDocs (Aspose Pty Ltd).
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